Dynamic balancing of centrifugal pump impeller

The impeller is the main rotating component which normally has vanes to impart and direct the centrifugal force to the liquid.
Usually, slurry pump impellers have a plain or a Francis type vane.

Vibration caused by mass imbalance in rcentrifugal pump is an important engineering problem.
The objective of balancing is to reduce rotor i.e. pump impeller vibration to a practical minimum.
Reducing impeller vibrations generally increases the service life of the slurry pump, sewage pump and water pump.
The fundamental difference between a centrifugal sewage pump impeller and those of its clear water cousins is its ability to pass solid materials that would normally clod later.
Due to the unbalance in the impeller, vibration occurs and leads to decrease in fluid velocity and local pressure which may cause an undesirable turbulence and possible cavitation.
Hence, to remove the unbalance in impeller is necessary.

In this paper the focus is given on dynamic balancing test of centrifugal pump impeller.


Post time: Dec-19-2018

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