Frame Plate Liner Insert 041 for MAH Horizontal Slurry Pump

FPL-insert-041 plate-insert-041
Frame Plate Liner insert is a liner that is located behind the slurry pump impeller. The FPL insert helps to direct the flow of slurry efficiently into the eye or center of the impeller.

FPL insert is the wear parts and wet end of MAH Horizontal Slurry Pump. Code is 041. Standard material is High chrome.



A major advantage of a MIMO pump is the number of optional materials available. This enables a pump to be constructed with the most appropriate materials specifi cally to meet the duty requirements.

It also allows existing pumps to be adapted in service to meet changing duties, merely by changing individual parts.

For different medium and PH value, various materials can be used to meet the demands of the medium being pumped..

Sometimes the nature of a liquid is specified with the PH value, ranging from 0-14, where 7 is the value for distilled water or a neutral liquid at ambient temperature.

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Post time: Jan-03-2019

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