Good News! Multistage Pump Finished and Exported to Malaysia for Desalination

Good News! D280-43x6 Horizontal Multistage Pumps Finished and Exported to Malaysia for Desalination!

D Centrifugal Horizontal Multistage Pump is high-efficiency, energy-saving , and have long life and installing & repairing is very convenient. It can deliver water without solid particle or the liquid which the chemical and physical feature are similar with water and temperature is ≤ 80℃。It is suitable for delivering mater in mine and urban water project etc.

Here please note the pump details of this pump model D280-43x6 as following:

- Flow Rate: 280 m3/h
- Head: 258 m
- Speed: 1480 rpm
- Inlet/Outlet: 200/200 mm
- Pump Eff.: 77%
- Application: Sample
- Quantity: 2 sets


If you are interested in, please contact us to customize your pump.

Kindly provide the pump flow and head needed, I would like to provide our quotation with technical support to you!




Post time: Jul-22-2019

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