Important Tips for Pump Operating and Maintance

Multistage Pump 2


• Even smooth running of the pump rotor is essential.

• When delivering from a tank the liquid level must always be well above inlet opening

• The performance as indicated on the driver nameplate must not be exceeded

• The stuffing box must always drip slightly to remove friction heat from the sealing faces. If the leakage intensifies and does not decrease when the gland is tightened evenly, the packing must be renewed. Also take care that the surface of the shaft sleeve is still perfectly smooth. Otherwise change shaft sleeve.

• If a pump shaft is equipped with a mechanical seal, practically no attention is required. During the running in period occasional slight leakage may occur..

• When handling hot liquids (pump design “with stuffing box cooling”), pay attention to the flow of the cooling water for the shaft seal and the oil bath cooling, if any.

• The cooling water flow should be adjusted so that the heating of the cooling water does not exceed 15degree Celsius. Sudden changes in temperature of the liquid handled from cold to hot or vice versa should be avoided.

• On the standard pump design the oil level can be checked through the oil level sight glass when the pump is at rest. The oil level must not exceed the mark in the middle of the sight glass.

• If the pump is equipped with a constant level oiler (see-sub section), merely check that there is oil in it is container.

• The bearing temperature must not exceed 80 degree Celsius.



Post time: Sep-20-2019

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