Submersible sewage pump installation

Submersible sewage pumps are mainly used in municipal engineering, building construction, industrial sewage disposal and sewage treatment, and discharge sewage, wastewater and rainwater containing solid materials and long fibers. Today, the pump butler brings the installation of the submersible sewage pump, I hope to help you.


The submersible sewage pump is the abbreviation of submersible sewage pump. On the basis of the submersible pump, the passage adopts anti-blocking design, which is used for first-stage lifting, intermediate lifting and sludge recirculation. Mainly used in municipal engineering, building construction, industrial sewage and sewage treatment, discharging sewage, wastewater and rainwater containing solid and long fibers.

1, two commonly used installation methods

The submersible sewage pump has simple installation conditions and a large flow coverage range from 10m3/h to several thousand m3/h. It is one of the most commonly used lifting equipment for water treatment projects, especially for small and medium-sized projects. There are two main installation methods for submersible sewage pumps: coupled installation and mobile installation.

The coupling type installation is to connect the pump to the pipeline through the coupler, and the pump and the water outlet pipeline are easily separated, and the water pump can be lifted by the lifting device during maintenance. The coupling type is suitable for various types of submersible sewage pumps. It is the most common installation method for submersible sewage pumps. The couplers are supplied by equipment manufacturers.

The mobile installation means that the pump outlet pipe is directly connected to the water surface through a hose, and the submersible sewage pump is suspended from the bottom of the pool or suspended by a chain or the like on the lifting device. The mobile installation does not require the coupler and the bottom of the tank to be fixed, so it is easy to move, and the pipe can be lifted together during maintenance. At the same time, due to the installation method, it is difficult to bear large torque, and it is only suitable for small submersible sewage pumps.

2. Explanation of the installation condition chart

After the selection is confirmed, the manufacturer of the submersible sewage pump will provide the installation condition map, and the designer needs to be able to understand the meaning of each size and symbol. Take the sample installation conditions of a submersible sewage pump manufacturer as an example:


Pumps with a power of 11kw or more can be selected to cool the pump by the motor cooling system. If the cooling system is not selected, the pumping medium directly cools the motor. The two different cooling methods correspond to the lowest liquid level, and the direct cooling mode requires a higher liquid level than the belt cooling system.

In the installation condition chart provided by the manufacturer, the solid triangle “▼” and the hollow triangle “▽” are used to distinguish, wherein “▼” means a cooling system and “▽” means no cooling system.

In the installation condition diagram of the above case, when the cooling system is used, the effective minimum liquid level distance is 570 mm at the bottom of the coupling device, and the distance is 785 mm without the cooling system. That is, the effective liquid level can be 215mm lower when there is a cooling system.

2) Plane opening and positioning

When the submersible pump is installed in a coupled manner, the flat opening should take into account the minimum installation size of the submersible pump. In the case, the A-direction view shows the size of the smallest mounting hole of the pump, 1000 × 700mm.

When positioning, the pool edge of the mounting guide is the baseline. This is because the position of the submersible pump is accomplished by a guide rod connected to the coupling device, and the position of the guide rod is determined by the edge of the pool. When the bolts of the coupler base are positioned, the pool edge is also used as the reference line (public number: pump housekeeper). According to the above case, the position of the bolt hole 253mm from the edge of the pool should be determined first, and then the position of the other two bolt holes should be determined by the spacing of the bolt holes of 350mm.

The most important dimensions that are ultimately reflected in the drawings are: the location and size of the top planar opening, and the location and size of the pre-embedded anchor at the bottom (usually a reserved hole for post-cast concrete design).

The top guide rods are usually fixed by means of expansion bolts.

3. Electrical protection measures

Since the submersible sewage pump is operated by diving, water leakage may occur due to water leakage, etc., and prevention is required. Take a submersible sewage pump manufacturer as an example, the measures adopted are:

Pumps below 7.5kw are equipped with motor winding overheat protection components and water leakage probes; pumps of 11kw and above are equipped with motor winding overheat protection components, float switches, and water leakage probes; pumps of 30kw and above are equipped with leak detectors in the upper end cover of the motor.

The overheat protection component is placed in the stator winding of the motor. When the winding is stable to the set value of the overheat protection original under abnormal operating conditions, the motor is stopped by the electrical cabinet overheat protection device.

The water leakage probe is used for water leakage detection, and the motor side enters the water and then alarms through the electric control cabinet and stops. The float switch is used to detect whether the mechanical seal on the motor side is invalid, whether the motor cavity is in the water, and the alarm is detected and stopped by the electric control cabinet after the water is detected.

In the electrical installation of the submersible sewage pump, the design of the electric control cabinet needs to be carried out according to the selection conditions and the electrical requirements of the manufacturer’s feedback, so as to achieve the protection effect.

Post time: Nov-01-2019

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