Water cooled diesel engine VS Air cooled diesel engine


Yes this is a water cooled engine and air cooled engine the difference between the two engines are.


a. A water cooled engine has a water pump fitted which circulates water through the engine and the attached and the attached radiator which reduces the water temperature by passing air over the radiator fins, and it is a closed circuit.


b. An air cooled engine doesn’t have any water passing through the engine castings like the water cooled unit, and therefore it doesn’t require a cooling radiator or a water circulating pump.


c. An air cooled motor relies on a system of larger cooling fins, and a fan which blows air over the cooling fins and keeps the engine cool.


d. The best way to describe it is one is a wet engine and the other is dry engine. The wet engine has to be checked to make sure that the cooling water IeveI is constant and it contains the right amount of special chemicals to keep the water system clean from rust and dirt ingress.


e. The air cooled engine is much easier to maintain and only requires the operator to check that the air fins are clean and free from grass and dirt build up, and the fan belt is adjusted correctly.


f. Air cooled engines can be a little noisier than a water cooled engine, but are known to be a little more reliable and a lot more compact.


g. A radiator is a version of a heat exchanger, and normally used for water cooled engines as fitted to all cars and trucks.


Post time: Jan-15-2019

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