Why is the motor always turning clockwise?


Counterclockwise and clockwise, which direction to look at, this is just a matter of looking at the direction, from this direction is clockwise from the other direction is counterclockwise, no one specifies that the motor is always clockwise, with three-phase asynchronous For example, if the motor is reversed, the two motors will be reversed, and the so-called clockwise will turn counterclockwise.

1, The terminology of the direction of rotation of the motor is specified by the national standard.

It is only called clockwise or counterclockwise, but no one has specified that the motor must be turned clockwise.
See national standard: GB1971
If there is only one shaft extension, or two shaft extensions of different diameters, see from the end of the shaft (see the large diameter end of the two shafts); if there are two shafts of the same diameter, or no shaft extension, then If there is a commutator or a slip ring end; if there is a commutator at one end and a slip ring at the other end, look at the end of the slip ring. The steering of the motor is clockwise, clockwise rotation, counterclockwise, counterclockwise rotation.
2, the engine is mostly rotated clockwise
It is estimated that you made a mistake and confused the engine with the motor. The main reasons for the clockwise rotation of the engine are as follows:
1) At the beginning of the engine, the start is not based on the starter. It is usually started by manpower. Most people are used to the right hand, so when designing the engine, it is convenient to use the right hand when considering the person standing in front of the engine. Designed to be clockwise;
2) According to the design of the transmission system, when the engine is running clockwise, the torque passes through the gearbox, the drive shaft, the drive axle, and finally reaches the wheel, which is just the direction of advancement;
All of the above are normal situations, most of the engines are the same, and a few cars or aero engines run counterclockwise, depending on the design needs at the time.



Post time: Nov-13-2018

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