1.Why the flow rate is not enough?

1) The inlet and outlet valves are closed or blocked, or the impeller flow passage is blocked.

2) Scale deposition and insufficient valve opening;

3) Low voltage

4) Impeller wear and flow head efficiency decrease.

2.What is the power loss of the pump?

There are three kinds of power loss: hydraulic loss, volume loss and mechanical loss.

What is rated flow, rated speed and rated head?

Design the pump according to the working performance parameters of the pump,

The best performance is the rated performance parameter of water pump.

4.What is the frequency range of the variable frequency motor?

The frequency conversion range of the motor used on the water pump is 25-50Hz.

5.Whether the explosion-proof requirements do not need be considered when the submersible pump works underwater?

No, the explosion-proof motor is divided according to the working area of the motor. It's not about working underwater.

6.What are the lubrication methods of bearings?

Bearing lubrication mainly includes grease lubrication and thin oil lubrication.

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