Ten words to solve equipment oil spill

Ten words to solve equipment oil spill.

First, equipment oil leakage is generally divided into three types: oil leakage, oil drop, and oil flow:

(1) Oil leakage. For a fixed connection, a drop of oil every half hour is oil leakage. For the part where the activity is connected, one drop of oil every 5 minutes is oil leakage.
(2) Oil drop. Every drop of oil every 2 to 3 minutes is dripping oil.
(3) Oil flow. Any drop of more than five drops per lmin is oily.

The level of oil leakage of equipment is divided into three categories: severe oil leakage, oil leakage and slight oil leakage.

Second, the oil leakage prevention method.

Ten ways to control oil spills, namely: equipment for diligence, find, change, replace, wrap, return, match, lead, pad, and welding.

(1) Diligence: diligent investigation, diligence, diligence;
(2) Find: carefully look for the location and cause of the oil spill;
(3) Change: change the unreasonable structure and device;
(4) Replace: replace the failed seals and other lubricating components in time;
(5) Wrap: Wrap the sealing tape at the joint of the oil pipe, seal line, etc.;
(6) Back: increase or enlarge the oil return hole so that the oil return is smooth and does not overflow;
(7) Matching: correct matching of sealing ring and groove joint surface;
(8) Introduction: Install oil-leading pipe, oil-breaking tank, oil retaining plate, etc. at the overflow and external leakage;
(9) Pad: add special paper pad or sealant on the bonding surface;
(10) Welding: welding oil leakage oil hole and oil eye.

In addition, sealing work can also play a positive role in preventing and reducing oil spills.

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Post time: Jun-10-2019

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