Expansion Joint Instruction

Expansion Joint Instruction

Expansion joint can also be called pipe expansion joint, compensator. The expansion joint is a new product connecting the pump, valve, pipeline and other equipment with the pipeline. It is connected by all bolts to make it a whole with a certain displacement, which is convenient for installation. It can bear the axial pressure of pipeline. In this way, the installation and maintenance can be adjusted according to the field installation size. In the work, not only the work efficiency can be improved, but also the pipeline equipment such as pumps and valves can be protected to a certain extent. The connection form of expansion joint is flange connection.

Expansion joint function
1. Compensate the expansion deformation caused by the axial, transverse and angular heating of the absorption pipeline.
2. Absorb equipment vibration and reduce the impact of equipment vibration on pipeline.
3. Absorb the deformation of pipeline caused by earthquake and subsidence.
Because of the thermal expansion and cold contraction of the pipeline, the stress and pushing force of the pipe wall will be generated for the pipeline; the stress of the pipe wall will affect the strength of the pipeline, and the pushing force will increase, so the fixed support of the pipeline will do a lot to bear the pushing force generated by the expansion of the pipeline; therefore, the method of variable opening compensated by the expansion joint will be used to reduce the stress and pushing force of the pipe wall.

The expansion joint is mainly divided into rubber pipe expansion joint and metal pipe expansion joint according to the material.
Characteristics of rubber pipe expansion joint
1. Small size, light weight, good elasticity, convenient installation and maintenance.
2. During installation, it can produce axial, transverse, longitudinal and angular displacement, which is not limited by the user’s pipe is not concentric and the flange is not parallel.
3. It can reduce vibration and noise during operation.
4.It is an ideal product for chemical corrosion-resistant pipeline, which can resist high temperature, acid and alkali, oil and so on.

Characteristics of metal pipe expansion joint

  1. 1.Large expansion compensation.
  2. 2.High bearing for temperature and pressure.

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