Is the bearing a standard part in 2020?

Is the bearing a standard part in 2020?

An essential part used in water pumps is the bearing. The complete standardization of the structure, size, drawing, marking and other aspects of standard parts is called standard parts. The implication is that the same type of bearing, the same size structure, and installation interchangeability.


For example, the 608 bearing, for any normal-minded bearing manufacturer, the outer dimensions are 8mm inner diameter x 22mm outer diameter x 7mm width, which means that the outer dimensions of the 608 bearing you bought from NSK and the 608 bearing from NZSB are The same, that is, the long one.

In this sense, when we say that the bearing is a standard part, it only means the same size.

For the 608 bearing, the external dimensions are the same, but the inside may be different! What you can really guarantee for a long time is the internal structure parameters.

The same 608 bearing can vary greatly inside.

In this sense, we say that the bearing is not a standard part.

According to specific operating conditions, I can provide 608 bearings with different performances for you to choose. If it is to be standardized, the various parameters of the bearing (size, sealing form, cage material, clearance, grease, grease injection, etc.) must be limited. General customers give the pump model, the bearing can be determined.


Conclusion: For bearings, you must not simply regard them as standard parts, and must understand the meaning of non-standard parts. Finally, I will send you a drawing of bearing working conditions and technical countermeasures. Only when you truly understand your own product working conditions, can you choose the most suitable product.

Post time: Dec-04-2020

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