Learn about self-flushing of centrifugal pumps in one minute

Learn about self-flushing of centrifugal pumps in one minute

Self-flushing: The medium transported by the pump is used to drive the small cavity into the sealing cavity through the small hole on the end face sealing gland. Mixing with the medium in the pump is called self-flushing. Self-flushing pumps can be used. The medium conveyed is generally low temperature (<100 ° C), and the medium is relatively clean. Generally, it is light oil or water. A simple explanation is that the self-rinsing of the pump and the pump cannot be used for liquids with high temperature and high viscosity, because such liquids will damage the pump when they enter the pump, and the viscosity will cause the liquid to enter the interior and it will be difficult to come out.


Self-flushing effect: There are generally four self-flushing effects:

The first is the flushing action, which flushes the impurities between the friction between the moving ring and the static ring;

The second is lubrication, which keeps a layer of liquid film between the sealing end faces to play a lubrication role;

The third is the cooling effect: taking away the heat generated by friction between the moving ring and the static ring during working hours, reducing the temperature of the sealing element and extending the service life of the seal;

The fourth is the sealing effect: preventing the air outside the pump from leaking into the pump and thus acting as a seal.

Self-flushing is to draw a thin line from the pump outlet to the pump cavity or through the piping to the inlet after passing through the sealing surface, or a pumping ring (such as a small impeller) is set in the sealed cavity to circulate the sealing liquid, which is used for warm service below 80 ℃, cleaning liquid without particles; for high-temperature washing liquid, you can add a cooler, and then enter the sealing surface after cooling (the above picture is the self-flushing with a cooler); for liquids containing particles, you can add a filter to remove the particles Enter the sealing surface.

Post time: Dec-20-2019

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