Note for centrifugal pump test machine

In the newly purchased and installed centrifugal pump products, the centrifugal pump test machine work needs to be done in advance after the installation is completed. When doing the centrifugal pump test machine work, the following centrifugal pump test machine method and centrifugal pump test machine precautions should be followed

1. The idling and no-load test run is prohibited before the centrifugal pump is started. The liquid test run should be conducted according to the operating procedures specified above in the centrifugal pump operating instructions. For the forced lubrication system, the temperature rise of the centrifugal pump bearing oil should not exceed 28 degrees. The temperature should be less than 93°C.

2. For centrifugal pumps with oil ring lubrication or splash lubrication systems, the temperature of the lubricating oil cannot exceed 39 degrees, and the temperature of the bearing components should be less than 82 degrees. 

3. When testing the centrifugal pump, the vibration value of the bearing of the centrifugal pump should also be checked. The vibration standard of the bearing of the centrifugal pump can refer to the vibration standard of the relevant petrochemical rotating machinery.

4. During the centrifugal pump test, the operation of the centrifugal pump should be very balanced and noise-free, the coolant and lubricating oil system should be normal, and the centrifugal pump and the auxiliary piping should not leak.

5. During the test of the centrifugal pump, you should pay attention to whether the current of the centrifugal pump motor runs within the specified range. If the overcurrent indicates that the actual working head is lower than the pump head, it is recommended to close the outlet valve to control the flow of the centrifugal pump The current is used in the rated current range.

6. Various seals and medium leakage of centrifugal pumps cannot exceed the following standards:
(1) Clean water centrifugal pump with mechanical seal: 10 drops/min of light oil, 5 drops/min of heavy oil
(2) Multistage centrifugal pump products with packing seal: 20 drops/min of light oil, 10 drops/min of heavy oil
(3) For the magnetic drive pump to transport toxic, harmful, flammable and explosive media, no visible leakage is allowed.

Post time: Jun-05-2020

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