Notice: Six Preparations To Be Done Before The Pump Starts





1. Irrigation pump (except for the submerged pump, before the other pumps are started (the first time the self-priming pump is started), the pump should be pumped (that is, the pumping medium must be filled with the pump chamber))

 2. Irrigation device: Open the shut-off valve of the inlet line, open all the exhaust lines, discharge the gas, slowly rotate the rotor, and close the exhaust valve when there is no air bubble in the pumping medium.

 3. Suction device pump: open the inlet line to close the valve, open all the exhaust lines, discharge the gas, inject the pump (the suction tube must have the bottom valve), slowly rotate the rotor, when the pumping medium has no air bubbles , close the exhaust valve.

 4. Open all auxiliary systems and require all auxiliary systems to work for at least 10 minutes. Wait until the entire auxiliary system is stable before proceeding to the next step. The auxiliary system includes lubricating oil system, sealed flushing system, cooling and insulation system. Wait;

 5. Check whether the rotation of the equipment is flexible. Start the motor and judge whether the direction of rotation of the pump is correct. Fix the coupling guard after confirming.

 6. (The pump with the dry gas sealing system) The dry gas sealing system is used. Open the nitrogen inlet valve and pressurize the sealed chamber. The dry gas seal source pressure must be between 0.5 and 1.0 MPa. Each pump adjusts the pressure and flow of the seal chamber according to specific requirements.

Post time: Sep-12-2019

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