Pump cavitation and suction

Pump cavitation and suction

Cavitation is also called cavitation (the latter statement is particularly preferred in higher education institutions). Cavitation is the cause, and cavitation is the result.
Pump users generally require the pump’s suction stroke (the vertical height difference from the suction liquid surface to the center of the pump’s suction port) to be high, but domestic pump standards and specifications do not seem to have the term suction stroke. The term related to it is that the cavitation margin must be approximately equal to 10-suction stroke (m, without considering suction resistance). We believe that the suction can be compared with related terms at home and abroad and the relationship between them as follows:

Customary terms Corresponding English term Relationship with other parameters
Suction lift = installation height, suction height Suction lift Suction + resistance of suction pipe = suction vacuum-suction speed head

For the same pump, the effect of speed on the suction stroke is as follows:

Pump speed change Pump critical cavitation margin (generally called cavitation margin) changes Pump suction stroke change
Rise Increase reduce
reduce Decrease Rise


Post time: May-08-2020

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