Slurry Pump Parts Exported to Canada

Slurry Pump Parts Exported to Canada

There are many parts of slurry pump, today we will introduce the impeller

First. The role of slurry pump impeller

The role of the slurry pump impeller is to transfer the mechanical energy of the motor to the liquid, so that the pressure and kinetic energy of the liquid are increased.

Second. Material of slurry pump impeller

Slurry pump belongs to the category of wear-resistant and impurity pump, so its main materials are: tungsten wear-resistant cast iron (W1/W2), hard nickel wear-resistant cast iron (NA), chromium 13 molybdenum 3 wear-resistant alloy cast iron (Cr15Mo3) and High chromium wear-resistant alloy cast iron (Cr24, Cr27) and other wear-resistant alloy cast iron, etc.

When transporting corrosive slurry, the slurry pump is made of corrosion-resistant material. Now the slurry pump has not only transported wear-resistant slurry containing particulate matter, but also corrosive slurry.
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Third, the structure of the slurry pump impeller

1. Open impeller: large internal leakage loss, low efficiency, only suitable for sucking viscous liquids, generally not used.

2. Semi-open impeller: internal leakage is not small, suitable for sucking liquid that is easy to settle and contains ash.

3. Closed impeller: There are guard plates on both sides, with small leakage and high efficiency. Generally, slurry pumps use this impeller.

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