What is the reason for the low efficiency of the double suction pump?

What is the reason for the low efficiency of the double suction pump?

As an important form of centrifugal pump, split case double suction pump has the characteristics of high lift and large flow, and has been widely used in engineering. The impeller of this pump type actually consists of two back-to-back impellers, and the water flow from the impellers merges into a volute. But in the process of use, there will be relatively low efficiency. Do you know what causes this situation?


1. Due to the scouring of the water flow, the inner wall of the flow channel and the surface of the impeller become rough and uneven, and the friction coefficient of the flow channel increases. In addition, the flow rate of water in the pump is large, and the head loss increases, resulting in a decrease in hydraulic efficiency.

2. Due to the use of a certain dose of medicine or water quality before using the double suction pump, there is serious scaling or corrosion in the pump casing. Severe fouling of the pump casing will increase the wall thickness of the pump casing, and the wall will form scales, which will reduce the volume of the pump body and reduce the pumping volume, and the flow path will be rough and the head loss will increase. Both volumetric efficiency and hydraulic efficiency are reduced.

3. Due to casting defects, cavitation, abrasion, corrosion and chemical erosion caused by the processing technology of the double-suction pump, cavities or cracks are formed in the pump flow channel, and vortexes are generated when water flows, which causes energy loss and reduces hydraulic efficiency.

4. Cavitation impeller surface. Because negative pressure is generated when running on the back of the blade, when the pressure is under the action of electrochemical corrosion, cavitation of the pump blade will occur.

5. Volume loss and mechanical loss. Due to the long-term use of the pump, the leakage and resistance due to mechanical wear increase, thereby reducing the volumetric efficiency and mechanical efficiency.

The above is about the reasons for the low efficiency of the double suction pump, I hope it can help you.

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Post time: Jan-05-2021

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