Why is there abnormal noise in the bearing? Finally figured it out

Why is there abnormal noise in the bearing? Finally figured it out

Bearings are the main components of mechanical equipment, and the performance quality during operation will directly affect the normal operation of mechanical equipment. It is inevitable that abnormal conditions occur during bearing operation. Common abnormal conditions mainly include noise, abnormal temperature rise, large vibration (shaft beating), excessive lubricant leakage, and discoloration. Today I will share with you the corresponding types and countermeasures of abnormal noise in the course of bearing use.

If the bearing is in a good continuous rotation state, it will emit a low whine or buzzing sound. If there is a sharp hissing, squeaking or other irregular sounds, it is likely that the bearing is in a poor continuous rotation condition. The sharp squeaking noise may be caused by improper lubrication. Inappropriate bearing clearance can also cause metallic noise. 

There are mainly three common abnormal noises in bearing operation, namely: large metal noise, regular noise and irregular noise.
01 Big metal noise


The main reasons for the large metal noise of the bearing are abnormal load, poor installation, insufficient lubricant, and unsuitability.

Countermeasures against abnormal bearing load: correct the fit, study the bearing clearance, adjust the preload, and correct the position of the housing shoulder.
Countermeasures for poor bearing installation: improve the machining accuracy of shafts and bearing seats, improve installation accuracy and installation methods.
Countermeasures for insufficient bearing lubricant: replenish lubricant and select appropriate lubricant.

02 regular noise

Sometimes the bearing will have a “babble-babble” sound during operation, intermittently and regularly, this is a regular noise. The main reasons for the regular noise of the bearing are: the rolling surface of foreign matter Indentation, rust, scars, surface deformation (after steel carburization) and raceway surface fracture.

Bearing countermeasures for indentation, rust and scars on the rolling surface of foreign matter: replace the bearing, clean the relevant parts, improve the sealing device, and use clean lubricant.

Countermeasures against surface deformation of bearings (after steel carburization): Replace bearings and pay attention to their use.

The countermeasure against the fracture of the bearing raceway surface: replace the bearing.
03 Irregular noise
If the “creak” sound occurs during the operation of the bearing and it does not change with the change of the rotation speed, this situation is an irregular noise, which is more common in small bearings. The main causes of this situation are: excessive clearance, foreign body intrusion and ball damage and fracture.

Countermeasures for excessive bearing clearance: study the fit and bearing clearance, and modify the preload.

Countermeasures against the intrusion of foreign matter in the bearing: study the replacement of the bearing, clean the relevant parts, improve the sealing device, and use a clean lubricant.

Countermeasures against bearing ball damage or fracture: Replace the bearing.

Post time: Oct-19-2020

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