Will you maintain the pump bearings?

Will you maintain the pump bearings?

The maintenance method of water pump bearing and the matters needing attention when disassembling:

1. The newly-used water pump generally needs to be replaced with grease (oil) after 100 hours of operation, and will be replaced every 500 hours of operation thereafter.


2.  Flow bearings lubricated with grease. After 1500 hours of operation, the grease should be replaced. The amount of oil added should not be too much or too little, because too much or too little grease will cause bearing heating, and the amount of oil is generally controlled at 1/2~2/3 of the bearing room volume is suitable.

3.  For bearings lubricated with lubricating oil, the amount of oil should be added to the specified position.

4. The container holding lubricating oil or grease should be clean and should be sealed normally, and there should be no debris such as dust and iron filings, so as not to damage the bearing.

5. Motor bearings generally use sodium-based grease, which is characterized by high temperature resistance (125 ℃), but it is easily soluble in water, so it cannot be used for the lubrication of water pump bearings.

What should be paid attention to in the disassembly and assembly of bearings in gear pumps

The following are the issues to be noted when disassembling the bearing:

(1) The drag force should continue to the required level. For example, when installing the bearing, the screw pump should stop applying force when the bearing is just installed in the correct position, and ensure that the end surface of the ring (washer) abuts the seat hole or the shaft shoulder The end face can neither be squeezed too tightly nor fitted in place.

(2) The total force of the force application should pass through the axis of the oil-free bearing as much as possible. This requires that the force application point be evenly symmetrical and stable, and the force should be applied through the spherical surface or parallel to the axis.
water pump

(3) Avoid applying force through the rolling element. The diaphragm pump requires force through the inner ring when installing and removing the inner ring (shaft ring) and applying force through the outer ring when installing and removing the outer ring.

(4) The size of the applied force should be stable and even, and should not be impacted. The self-priming pump requires the use of oil pressure or tools that can apply a steady pull or pressure. When it is necessary to use hammering, it must also pass through a copper sleeve, etc. The softer, non-chip metal is used for cushioning, and the striking force is as gentle as possible. It is best to use a copper rod or copper hammer for hammering.

Post time: Jun-30-2020

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